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Apr 8, 2008

a life less involved

At this moment, an hour's drive from my home, the TransAtlantic Climate Conference is being held. Its goals are to, "come up with a 'road map' for how to establish TACIT – a TransAtlantic Climate Institute for the coordination and facilitation of applied research and innovative projects regarding marine science and technology. Another outcome of the conference will be a compendium describing the climate challenges in the Atlantic Ocean." As a self-proclaimed greenie you might think I would be involved with this significant show of environmental concern and creativity. However, having failed to either ingratiate myself as a journalist for the event, or come up with the 910 conference fee, I sit here on my tush. Al Gore, the keynote conference speaker, will just have to go on without me. Having also missed the conference on sustainable tourism in November that would have been free to attend, I think I have safely established myself as not a leader in environmental thought for the Faroe Islands. -a


Anonymous Arni Zachariassen said...

Personally, I'm a bit disappointed that there's no audio online from conference. It's the 21st century people!

4/8/08, 5:59 PM

Blogger Jen Miller said...

I remember when you wanted to be a marine biologist :)

4/8/08, 7:26 PM

Blogger Dorit said...

Feeling slightly quilty that I was able to attend and not you.

Connecting to your previous post about postponing everything until after you've left: So did Al Gore!
He only uttered about three words outside the well-paid conference.

And an audio online would've totally ruined him financially, so of course there was no free listening.

4/8/08, 9:42 PM

Blogger Hannah said...

Looks like you didn't get invited to the Atlantic Airways 20th Gala, either, which appears to be more of a shame than missing Al.

4/11/08, 1:29 AM


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